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16 Dec 2020

Congratulations to Mark England for the publication of his paper "Modeling the breakup of tabular icebergs" at Science Advances. Here's the pdffor all of you iceberg aficionados out there!

12 Dec 2020

Congratulations to Conner Lester for the acceptance of his paper "The Influence of Meltwater on Phytoplankton Blooms Near the Sea-Ice Edge" at GRL.

20 Nov 2020

I gave the Ice Dynamics and Paleo Seminar at the British Antarctic Survey today, talking about the drift and decay of icebergs. Here are the slides.

16 Nov 2020

Please join me on Monday, Nov 16 at Geography 2050: The Future of the World Ocean, where I will be giving a short talk on Arctic sea ice loss. The event is free and virtual. Find out more at geography2050.org

May 2020

Huge congrats to the group's newly minted graduates!! Conner Lester - good luck at Duke! Elizabeth Bailey - good luck at Yale! Hassan Mason - good luck at Courant! I'm very proud of you all.

19 March 2020

Cyrille Mosbeux's paper "Viscous and elastic buoyancy stresses as drivers of ice-shelf calving" 

accepted at Journal of Glaciology. Congratulations, Cyrille!

12 February 2020

Emma Beer's paper "Polar amplification due to enhanced heat flux across the halocline" published at Geophysical Research Letters. Congratulations, Emma! 

7 November 2019

Invited presentation on the drift of floating objects at the Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Southeastern Section

15 October 2019

Cover feature and article on our Arctic expedition in the UNCW re:search Magazine.

10 October 2019

Invited presentation on our recent Arctic expedition at the UNCW Global Marine Science Summit

19 September 2019

Emma Beer's paper "Polar amplification due to enhanced heat flux across the halocline" submitted.

19 July 2019

Clare Eayrs' review paper on Antarctic sea ice trends accepted at Reviews of Geophysics

7 June 2019

CNN's Arwa Damon and Brice Laine just published a news piece about our expedition to Fram Strait. Find it here.

29 April 2019

Amanda Ceroli successfully defended her undergraduate honors thesis, "The relative importance of winds and ocean currents in determining the drift of floating objects". Congratulations!  

14 April 2019

Cyrille Mosbeux's paper, "Viscous and elastic buoyancy stresses as drivers of ice-shelf calving", submitted today 

27 March 2019

Congratulations to Amanda Ceroli, undergraduate student in our group, on receiving a Fulbright Scholarship to go to graduate school in the UK. 

15 March 2019

Our paper on the many faces of a small glacier, "Large spatial variations in the flux balance along the front of a Greenland tidewater glacier" was published today in The Cryosphere.

27 Nov 2018

BISEPPS seminar at Harvard University.

11 Nov 2018

Donald Slater's paper "Localized plumes drive front-wide ocean melting of a Greenlandic tidewater glacier" has been accepted for publication at Geophysical Research Letters. 

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