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Mark England

I am currently a postdoc at UNCW and Scripps working with Till Wagner and Ian Eisenman to improve modelling of large tabular icebergs.  Current iceberg models do a poor job of simulating gigantic icebergs, which account for over 90% of the mass of ice lost from Antarctic ice shelves. Our aim is to significantly improve the simulation of these rare, but important, icebergs.  I completed my PhD at Columbia University in 2019 with Lorenzo Polvani on a range of polar topics, most recently on the climate response to projected Antarctic sea ice loss.  To learn more, visit my personal website

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Graduate Student

Andrew Castagno

I am a graduate student majoring in Marine Science at UNCW. My current research focuses on the impact of sea-ice sourced meltwater on the development of Arctic phytoplankton blooms. I received my B.S. in Biology from Cornell University in 2015, where I then worked for several years as a lab manager in a terrestrial biogeochemistry lab. After completing my masters I will continue my Arctic research in Iceland on a Fulbright grant. 


Undergraduate Student

Melia Eaton

I am a sophomore at UNCW and am working on the drift of floating objects as part of the FYRE (First Year Research Experience) program.

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Undergraduate Student (now graduate student at New York University)

Hassan Mason

I am a mathematics Masters student at UNCW. My current research is focussed on how sea ice motion influences the Antarctic sea ice cover. My physics undergrad thesis at UNCW was dealing with representing flow around a cylinder using a Lattice Boltzmann methods.

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Undergraduate Student (now graduate student at Yale University)

Elizabeth Bailey

I'm a senior at UNCW majoring in oceanography and physics. My research is primarily on the differences in characteristics of first and multi year sea ice. As well as the relationship between sea ice melt and the local ecosystem.

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Undergraduate Student (now graduate student at Duke University)

Conner Lester

I am a senior at UNCW majoring in the wondrous field of Physics with aspirations of going to graduate school and receiving a PhD.
I'm currently working on a project that involves studying the dynamical behavior of plankton blooms in the Arctic and their responses to varying sea ice conditions. This is a highly complex system that behaves in fascinating ways that I hope to understand.

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Undergraduate Student

Amanda Ceroli

Amanda graduated in May 2019 with a BS in Physics (Physical Oceanography concentration). For her senior honors thesis she investigated how surface winds and ocean currents determine the drift of floating objects.  She went on to a Fulbright Scholarship at the University of Southampton, UK.

Former Group Members

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